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YOU FALL MY HAND AGAIN: Blackface blasts Faze for performing in 2babas show...

By dopesy • 2 years ago • 2251 • 414
YOU FALL MY HAND AGAIN: Blackface blasts Faze for performing in 2babas show...

Blackface seems never to let go of his hate for 2baba, after many backs and fourth of them calling 2baba the bad blood, the Legend keeps making progress and i feel this alone has made Blackface the most unhappy man and he has swore not to let go of the contempt he has with 2baba.

This time around he transfers his jibe to a little further to the former plantashunboiz member “Faze”.

2baba staged a concert this week to celebrate 20years of non stop music and festivals, Faze’s presence and performances at the concert didn’t really go down well with Blackface as he called out the singer.. He also rubbished both artiste as he pointed that they would have rehearsed before gracing the stage, he also stated that the both of them didn’t sync as they performed together. 

Blackface stated all this out on his instagram page.. He wrote: “i hate to do this but you fall my hand again @fazealone after our conversation you still went ahead to perform #plantashunboiz @plantashunboiz1 with my contributions with 2face at his event.

”when is all this going to stop?, you both sound like artiste that lost it, what examples are you both portraying going on stage without rehearsals,? You both don’t sync its making my hard work look poor, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i no go beg again..... i just uploaded our convo for the world to know whats going on with all”? 

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