Why I think lpv is the best Platform and What I have Noticed so far

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Hey!  Lpvites I'd love you to go through this

My name is Odeyemi Bolajoko Michael, I'm a computer expert but studying Chemistry at the university of Ibadan. 

I joined lpv with the fear that I'm going to lose my money tho' NGN 1500 isn't enough for 2weeks data subscription. But as a student if you lose that, you know how it feels. 

But I tell you this day,  Lpv made me believe that not all online platforms are fake just that larger percentage of them are. I joined this platform 22nd of January .. My first withdrawal was X10 of my money and now I'm still making more. Lpv is just a platform putting smile on people's faces helping those in need so I'd advice those that just joined this platform and reading this post put more hardwork lpv is real and paying. 


Firstly I'd love to thank the person that introduced me into lpv (Nwaeze Clinton). By his words and tutorship I was inspired. But I noticed larger percentage of people that get alert are from him and this is because other uplines are not taking care of their downlines, they do not care what they really care for is the referral bonus and it shouldn't be so,  once you earn your downlines must also start earning (the money is not for only you :as the CEO would call it stingy). 

Many people coming into my dm disturbing and it's not supposed to be so each upline must care for their respective downlines. So I urge all uplines to please tutor and give their downlines motivational words. 

Thanks Beejay

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