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Who is a Leader?

By babatimehin • 8 months ago • 1572 • 255

I hope to use this post to correct our notion on who a leader is or should be amongst a group of people or in an organization.                                                                                                                                                              

A leader is not necessarily the oldest or the fastest or the strongest or even the wisest, a leader is not the most senior person in an organization, yes, leadership is not about position. Position or all this abilities do not make a leader. 

A leader is simply someone who can harness all the abilities of everyone in his crew and channel it towards a set goal or a common target. That is the only ability that makes a leader, nothing more nothing less, nothing fancy.

A leader is not born, a leader is made. No one is born a leader also no one is born a follower. We all choose who we want to be. There is a laid out path for people looking to become a leaders, if you find this path and decide to take it, you become a leader, I hope I have corrected your notion on who a leader should be.

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