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Who is a good friend?

By mirakee • 5 months ago • 1675 • 333

A. Friend is someone who speaks into your life. He is someone whose opinion you value. A friend is also someone you consciously or unconsciously pattern your life after. A friend is someone whose counsel you hardly question. A friend is someone whose presence you cherish and someone you trust so much.

Who then is a good friend?

A good friend is the person who brings out the best in you. He is the person who pushes you out of your confort zone and stretches you to release your potentials. A good friend is someone who will love you enough to tell you the truth. He is also very comfortable with your success. He loves you for who you are and not for what you have. Lastly, a good friend is someone whose character, vision, convictions and aspirations are similar to yours. 

  In conclusion, mind the friends you keep. Your friend affects your destination. Your friend can do or undo you. 


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