When you feed your body with what it needs, your body can heal itself.

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Human body is very complex sophisticated machine beyond human anatomy and physiology or doctors can explain.

God of the wonder bestow in it the ability to recover, restore, rejuvenate all damaged cells and tissues from free radicals, acid and congestion when right conditions are met that is why even people with terminal diseases with the last stages of chronic disease documented to reverse the incurable conditions they were suffering by juice fasting or taking healthy diet, that is the natural God gift to every creation.

This body of yours and mine is wonderfully made because it can fix itself if you eliminate poison and ingesting life from mama nature.

The job God has left for us is to search what it takes to experience this freedom from pain and suffering.

Toxicity and deficiency are major enemies which rob people of their right to enjoy life.

That is why detoxification is very vital condition to release toxins from your colon, blood, lymp nodes, kidney, liver before healing starts manifest.

And to flood your body aggressively with dense nutrient diet from organic natural foods which contain high quantity of chlorophyll, fluid , magnesium, potassium, selenium, fatty acids, iodine, antioxidants, fruit sugar etc

Stop the lie

Your body is not deficient of pharmaceutical pills

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