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What You Must Do To Be A Good Reader

By ggheritage • 7 months ago • 26842 • 9310
What You Must Do To Be A Good Reader

READ ONLY WHEN I FEEL LIKE – If you wait to “feel like reading” before you read, I can assure you most of the time you won’t feel like it. Remember school days? Even when reading was inevitable because your grades were dependent on it, many times you still had to make yourself read. The same principle still applies. You may not need grades anymore, but to go far in life and stay relevant, you have to commit to reading. You need to read. Don’t wait to feel like reading, make yourself read! It's a must

 2. I CAN BE VERY BUSY – In the course of training people on how to become better readers, I can’t count how many times I have heard statements like this; “I really want to read but I can be very busy” and my internal response is always, “really? Then you still don’t know the importance of reading”. I know you work 12 hours or perhaps 20 hours, but you are able to eat, chat, gist, nap or visit the toilet in between those hours right? Then you are inexcusable my friend. What we consider really important, we always make time for. It’s not that you are busy that makes you not read, it’s simply that you haven’t made it a priority. Repent!

3. I ONLY LIKE READING FOR ENTERTAINMENT – If you only read to be entertained, you are not yet serious about reading. There is nothing bad about being entertained, but if that is the only reason why you read, you can’t become outstanding in life. In his book RICH HABITS – THE DAILY SUCCESS HABITS OF WEALTHY INDIVIDUALS, Tom Corley noted that successful people tend to choose educational books and publications over novels, tabloids and magazines. And in particular they obsess over biographies and autobiographies of other successful people for guidance and inspiration. The choice is yours.

4. I CAN ONLY READ WHEN IT IS HARD COPY – I understand we all have our personal preferences and there is nothing wrong with that. I was also a staunch advocate for hard copy books until recently when it dawned on me that if I limit my reading to hard copy books alone, I will be greatly limiting my learning. There had been times I needed certain books only to discover they are no longer in print or in market. There are abundant online bookstores now where you can as well purchase books that may not be available in print and even websites where you can download books for free. There are even audio books and apps that can read PDFs as audio. So why limit yourself to hard copies? Variety they say is the spice of life. Get flexible and leverage technological advancement for growth.

Long life LPV, Long life CEO, and all the Vibers.

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