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What do you know about squat

By erambocornelius • 7 months ago • 12512 • 4540
What do you know about squat

    Squat is an  isometric exercise that has to do with strengthening of the lower extremities of the body most especially that thing..

    Squattingcan be differentiated in to so many types such as sumo squat, closs leg squat,jump squat , goblet squat just to name a few.

    Squatarehighly carried out by individual who want to work on their lower body , especially ladies and others during cardio exercises,Squatting as all other exercises is beneficial for the body both physically and mentally ..

    The is no age specification when it comes to squatting , anybody, anyone,male or female can do this exercise either in the morning or in the evening..

    Iurge u to take a stand and squat this morning and get good results ..#long live lpv

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