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What's Your Organizational Cultureu

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Organizational culture is a buzzword we often hear in start-ups and other progressive companies. However, many of us have a lot of questions when it comes to this term: What is the organizational culture definition? What are some types of organizational culture? And, most importantly, how can we create a good culture or change a bad culture in our organizations?

Organizational culture is the backbone of the products and services a company offers. It is the core belief system of a business and its employees, covering how they interact with each other, with their product and with the clientele. It ties into a company’s values and is the basis of their brand.

You’ve heard the phrase “Culture is king,” but what does it really mean? Your company produces an excellent product or service; that should be enough, shouldn’t it?

It’s not. Not by far. You might have a product that can revolutionize society as we know it, but without the right people behind it, that product will not go far. To gain a place in society – to make an impact, it’s critical to have the right backing and to create something larger than yourself.

So what is ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE? In short, it’s what a company stands for. What do you believe in your very bones? How far will you go to achieve that? What do you expect of yourself and your employees in order to get there? If you want to make an impact on the world and develop a raving fan base of customers, then you need to start by turning your employees into your most enthusiastic fans of all. A strong organizational culture isn’t just something that makes your employees happy to come to work every day; it’s also the powerful foundation your business needs to achieve explosive growth.

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