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We cannot but be prepared

By izunnac • 7 months ago • 12998 • 4262

In life we will face many challenges, we cannot but be prepared for them.

Once upon a time in the village of Udo the people had more than enough of everything they needed, they party everyday and rejoiced. The people were so prosperous that they were the talk of all those around them. 

They were so carried away by their riches and party a lot. They became to loss focus on their security and future and taught everything will always be good. Till one day an enemy army came, caught them unprepared and defected them in their sleep. 

In this life, challenges are like the enemy's army , they won't signal us and wait for us to be prepared before they attack. They come when we least expect. We should always be prepared at all times in order not to be caught unaware.

I Pray this post is approved, God help us all.

God bless LPV

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