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Ways you can make money as a student

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How To Make Money As A Student (3 Ways)

As a student, life was financially tough for me. Though my parents would send me money, it was ever enough. I began to search for ways to make money even as a student. In the process, I came across some ways through which I could make money. These are the ways I want to show you.

 Are you a student looking for ways to make money while still schooling? Perhaps you are not even aware you can make money with no side effects on your studies? If your answer is in the affirmative, you are in the right place.

 This article is to show you three different legit ways to make money as a student. If you will follow the instructions given in the article, I bet you will also make a decent amount of money.

Let's get started.

Home Lesson For Students

As a student, there are a few hours when you are free. You can turn this free period of time to money by organizing evening classes for primary and secondary schools students.  

During my days at the university, I had a coursemate who would organize evening classes for secondary school students and make a huge amount of money from it. 

He was famously known by parents around for his coaching classes and they would enrol their children with him. This mate made a lot of money doing this. In fact, I would run to this guy whenever I was in need of monetary help and he would attend to my needs from the money he made from the evening classes he organized.

You also can start this by putting up small adverts. Parents and students will see them and reach you. You can then have a talk with them on when you will be taking the classes and how much you will charge per student.

Freelancing Job

If you are a student with the knowledge of graphic design or writing, you can make money from freelancing job. All it takes to be a freelancer is a laptop and access to the internet.

There are various sites that are ready to pay you for your knowledge. You can search for these sites on Google and negotiate with employers on what you have to offer and for how much.

You can also place adverts around your campus to announce to people what you can offer. You have no idea who your potential employer is. 

Supply Egg

I am not saying you should build poultry but to seize the advantage of the eateries in your campus.

Have you ever thought of how many crates of eggs are consumed in those eateries every day? You can think of supplying crates of eggs to a few of those eateries and see how lucrative it is.

All you have to do is to get a poultry farm outside the school where you will find it easy to get crates of eggs to supply at wholesale to those eateries.

Approach your target eateries and let them know you are a student who is looking for a mean to make ends meet by supplying crates of eggs. You can start this business with the little amount of money you have and later expand it according to your pocket.


Based on your ability, choose any of the above, focus on it, and I assure you a financial turnaround as a student.

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