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Panic attacks can cause disabling anxiety and fear which can make the heart to continue beating fast and abnormal. It generates physical effects that cause frightening symptoms which can lead to heart problems or stroke.

Is Panic Attack the Same with Anxiety Attack?

A panic attack is a sudden intense fear that occurs within a short time and may be caused by heart attacks, social phobia, panic disorder, hypoglycemia, agoraphobia, and other phobias.Panic disorder is a reoccurrence of a panic attack when one is in constant fear.

Anxiety attack tends to build up over time, and when it accumulates so much, it comes in form of an attack, such can be caused by constant worrying and by other underlying health conditions especially those that affect the mental health such as trauma and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

What are the Signs & Symptoms of Panic Attack?

Panic attacks come with the below-associated symptoms;



Sudden Fear

Pain in the Chest (due to muscles contraction)





Shortness of breath and much more.

The information below provides 10 easy ways by which you can help yourself to control a panic attack.

1. Accept Your Fear

2. Have a Cold Water Splash

3. Watch Funny Programmes

4. Listen to Soothing Music

5. Try to Eat an Apple

6. Engage Yourself

7. Exercise

8. Share Your Fears With Families

9. Take Control of Yourself

10. Think Positivity

In conclusion, these tips which have been provided above will serve as an aid to hold panic attack under control. You must have found out from the article that there is no medical treatment for this situation; you are the doctor involved in this case. So follow the tips and combat panic attack.

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