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Ways of maintaining personal hygiene

By emyakpabio • 7 months ago • 1908 • 303

Personal hygiene is very important,a person who practices personal hygiene will hardly fall sick.

Ways of maintaining person hygiene includes

1.Keeping your surroundings clean

2.clearing bushes around to avoid insects and rodents the gutters around to avoid stagnant water which harbors mosquitoes

4.Washing your hands before and after doing anything

5.Bathing twice a day

6.Brushing your teeth

7.arranging your room


9.sweeping and mopping

10.Washing your hair with shampoo and Braiding for females while barbing your hair low for boys

11.Washing and drying your clothes

12.keeping short clean nails.

13.Combing your hair

I hope these will help ? Everyone


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