Value of Relationship

By lizzy248 • 9 months ago • 25524 • 10204

  Relationship doesn't mean only dating or being in courtship with aguy or a lady,a relationship can be between two or more people who share common interest.

    The kind of relationship a person keeps determines his/her level of progress ,don't forget "a man can never be stagnant in life it's either he moves forward or goes backward".A good relationship brings a good home, a good home brings a good society,a good society brings a great nation.

Don't be a person who go around saying anything you want to anyone because we humans are like rivers we flow to anywhere and by chance we meet somewhere,the kind of relationship we have before will determine what will happen to us the moment we meet again and don't forget a seconds or minute can make or Mar a lifetime

Thank you 

Happy Easter to Everyone

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