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Dear vibers,

I bring you warm greetings from the CEO,

This post will be dealing concisely with a new feature we are returning into the system, those that have been with us for a while already know this feature because we once used it but for some reasons best known to the management, it was discontinued.

The new feature is "activated for code" am sure a lot of new members must have been wondering what it is all about.

As its title depicts "activate for code" is a feature that let you convert your LARS points to a coupon code that you can use to register a new member and get his/her registration fee and also get  referral bonus for registering that person or simply sell it to a coupon vendor.

Activate for code is a feature that gives you the privilege to still get something from your LARS when u have broken one or two rules from our non-referral payments policy or when you miss the withdrawal button and u can't afford to wait till the next 21st before requesting again.

Activity earnings are not raw cash unlike referral earnings, they are LARS points (Loadedpenvibes Ads Revenue Sharing) which we later convert to raw cash and pay everyone according to their activities directly to their local bank accounts.

So, #5000 LARS points will be converted to  1 coupon code which will be used to register a prospect or sold to a vendor.

Please note that this feature is completely optional, it’s just an attempt from us to ensure that everybody get something. We will keep working diligently to ensure everyone benefits from this platform and at the same time ensuring its survival.

So now it’s possible to still get paid even after we have paid you twice and you still can't afford to bring new people on board. Our policy remains unbending, once we pay you twice without referral, referral withdrawal will be your ticket to get non referral payment the following months. You should be able to bring just 5 people within 60 days if you have the love of this platform at heart, because no business survives without new customers.

Secondly there is another development I will like to talk about which is the premium  and gold subscription duration, as we all know gold membership  subscription expires in two months which  must will be renewed to continue enjoying the benefits of that membership level. Premium membership which is known to be a life time subscription will no longer be a life time subscription, it will be renewed every 12 months… PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP NOW EXPIRE AFTER ONE YEAR STARTING FROM THE DATE OF ACTIVATION. This is to enable us serve our members better, and also for the betterment of the platform, I’m very sure after working with us for one year #1500 subscription renewal will not be a big deal…

We have taken it as a responsibility upon ourselves to help Nigerian youths say good bye to poverty and we won’t stop until this is achieved, be a part of this you will be proud you are.

Please direct your questions/complains to the customer support official line: 08131088871 (WhatsApp only please)

Suggestions/observations are also welcome.



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