Two ways to answer HR interview questions

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HR: why did you  resign from your previous job? 

Answer 1: I am thankful to my previous organization because I have leant a lot of things from there. According to me, changes are necessary for everyone to enhance your skills, knowledge and for personal growth and financial growth. Your organization is the good platform where I can get all these. 

Answer 2: I have learned many things from by previous job and I am greatful for it. New changes are essential for personal and professional development in life. I am looking for a better opportunity in term of my qualification. If you will provide me with this opportunity then I will give my 100% and full dedication towards my work. Thank you. 

Please don't say such things as:

In my previous organization, 

1-they are not paying 

2-they are not well organize 

3- they don't value teacher or workers. 

Don't look for a better place, make a better place. 

Thank you. 

LPV.... For life. 

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