Two female students of UI got pregnant for a painter

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Two female students of UI got pregnant for a painter

Two female students from Queen Idia Hall of the premier University of Ibadan have been reported to get pregnant for one painter (what a shameful act). 

The identity of the students was withheld by the management of the school. 

The painter was part of those on contract to renovate the school since last semester. And the painter has been having an affair with both ladies. 

Report had it that this ladies went to the extents of cooking for this young man.  

Unfortunately, both of them got pregnant for him. One declared that she loves him and she's ready to get married to him while the other aborted the pregnancy out of shame not caring about the implications of the act.  

Further investigation are still going on concerning this incident. 

So if you hear anything related to paint in UI, that's the new trend. 

But sincerely, this is a bad news. 

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