Tips to get referrals for LPV

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As an LPV member that have referred 100 people to this platform I will like to share a few tips on how to get referrals 

1) Use Testimonies: We have testimonies of LPV making payments everyday,I try to get myself updated on everyday alert. This convince people that it’s alive and paying its members with full force. Person wey see alert today,tomorrow and the next will be sure that ah be like this site legit true true o.post pictures and videos of people giving their testimonies. Instead of posting memes that won’t help you earn,post testimonies and get new referrals 

2) Don’t earn alone,help your downline earn too: Most people don’t even care about their Downlines,once they got their share already they ignore them. I ensure that I assist my Downlines and provide answers to their questions, you motivate and convince them. They trusted you enough was why they registered through you,when people see your Downlines are making it too they will surely want to become one.(Downlines are those you refer)

3) Advertisement: Even after writing this post I’m going to run another ads, since we are sure this site truly pays you should never stop advertising. Tell the world about LPV,post about it. When you advertise you widen it and get new people interested,you get new referrals this way too. This system is even easier for those of that have been paid by the site,you convince people more.

I hope we all find this writeup helpful...I pray it get approved,lol...God bless LPV,I have really earned a lot here.

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