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Tips for maintaining personal hygiene during this period

By veradonald • 7 months ago • 15210 • 4607
Tips for maintaining personal hygiene during this period

Tips to maintain personal hygiene during this period

In as much as we are too sit at home and not go anywhere, personal hygiene should still be practiced and maintained during this period.

Here are some tips:

➡️ Make sure to shower at least twice a day 

➡️ Brush your teeth morning and night too

➡️ Use deodorant, body sprays and body mists after bathing.

➡️ Wash your clothes also and please change them regularly

➡️ For females wash your hair and if you can't make it weave it all back(I.e cornrows)

➡️ Wash your hands regularly too.

➡️ Eat healthy; more of fruits, vegetables, and less Carbohydrate

➡️ Exercise too; try simple and basic home work out routines 

Thanks for reading feel free to add yours in the comment section.

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