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We here alot of myths about several things and sometimes we get to discover either by trial or coincidence that some are not true. Today we'll look at some of the myths pertaining the voice (singing) 

1. Some people are born with a good voice:

This is a very popular story i hear some people say, they can't sing because they are not born with a good voice but that is very wrong. Once you have a voice and can talk then you can equally sing.

2. I take alcohol so i can't sing:
Some people feel that because they take alcohol it would affect your voice. True alcohol affects the voice but not the way people think. Singers take alcohol but you're not supposed to take it before a performance.

3. Taking honey/raw egg would make your voice better :
Honey or raw egg or ginger doesn't really make the voice good, it just helps kill bacteria around the throat that may cause cough or flu generally. So this helps the voice to work better. 

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