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Things we use everyday that causes cancer

By uzondu30 • 5 months ago • 1222 • 273

Hey guy am about to tell you the Common things we use everyday we probably don't know it causes cancer. 

Cancer is very common in our society today so many people in Nigeria has it. I will be telling you some common causes of cancer 

Here are some causes of cancer that we use every day in our houses 

1. Your Insulation 

Asbestos has been out of favour when it comes to insulation for years but there is a chance you will still find it in older homes. As the insulation eventually deteriorates, asbestos fibers become airborne. 

Since asbestos fibers stick to clothing and shoes, workers exposed to asbestos on the job have a higher chance of bringing it into their homes.

2. Your cleaning products 


3. Your wardrobe : by this I mean the the dry cleaning chemical we use such as TETRACHLOROETHYLENE. 

Thanks for Reading!!! 

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