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My fellow members Please let try as much as possible to take the following serious for our own healthy purpose.And if we find that it is helpful let share with friends and family.these are things we shouldn't do when we are on empty stomach;

1:Take Medicine

Taking medicine on an empty stomach comes first on this list because it can be incredibly dangerous or risky!Taking antibiotics or aspirin in this condition can wreak havoc on our intestines,which can lead to a serious issues such as stomach ulcers.

2: Drive

We shouldn’t get behind the wheel on an empty stomach.Driving is dangerous enough as it is,and you need to be fully alerted in order to keep the roads safe for ourself and for others.

Do everyone a favor and let make sure our tummy isn’t grumbling before we buckle up.

3: Travel

When you go out into the world with empty stomach, your body is more prone to illness.We all know that high-traffic places such as airports and public busses are riddled with germs.

Give your immune system a boost to protect yourself from colds and flu, and even worse with a healthy balanced diet, especially before you travel.

4: Drink Alcohol

This can result in getting intoxicated much faster,which as we all know that it can be very dangerous.Always eat before drinking.


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