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So many members has been wondering why their accounts keep getting barned even after they've tried their possible best look for the best of best posts.


Before I proceed, I'll like to greet all members. I say good day to you all.


In today's post I shall be telling you the secret behind getting your account not blocked.


First and foremost, we know lpvforum generates 60% of her income from Google AdSense, and it's part of Google rules and regulations not to post copied content. In that case, lpvforum ban users that post plagarised contents from other sites, because it cannot afford to loose it's name like it looses it's first name www.loadedpenvibes.com, that's why the CEO keeps notifying members not to post copied content, especially Gold members.



Like I said earlier, I'll be helping you on how to find good post, edit them and check if they are plagarised or not.


Now the first step,

How to get a good post: getting a good and attractive post can be very easy and difficult at the same time. You wanting to post, you should have a very good topic in your mind.


After getting the topics you'll like to write on, the next step is to search more about the post if you don't really have write ups from your head. so from that write ups, you'll edit, because it's somebody's work you're copying. All we need on LPVFORUM is uniqueness of post, not somebody else's sweat, that's why we pay you well for each post you make.

All you simply need to do now is to visit www.duplichecker.com after you have successfully edited the post. now, www.duplichecker.com will help you know if your post ia copied or original.

In this post, I will be teaching you how to know use duplichecker very well, all you need to do on duplichecker is to check if your content is plagiarized or original.

  1. visit www.duplichecker.com
    home page dupli.PNG

2. enter your text in the box and click on check plagiarism

enter your text and check it.PNG

3. It's time to really know the result of what you posted. the next thing that comes up is scanning.

scanning process.PNG

duplichecker starts scannning your text. after the scan you get your reply.

4.The result. you can get series of results, either positive or negative.


in the process, if you get something like this as a result, all you need to do is to make it unique, as time goes on you will know how to make it unique or better still, look for anither type of post. dont dare post something like this on LPVFORUM, we will ban your account.

look at the image below, this is what an original post result looks like.

100% real.PNG

if you get this result, then you are very good to go, post it here and your post will get approved.

i know this post will be useful for as many that will read it.

always check your post well and your post will get approved if its 100% unique. we wont approve 90% it must be 100

lets be guided pls.

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