The third wheel: the reason behind many failed relationships

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The third wheel: the reason behind many failed relationships

Many relationships fail not because of insincerity or unfaithfulness but because of the third party. In the society today, we have those we share our deepest secrets, talk to when we are down or need some comforting; it's not bad to have someone to talk to but it becomes a problem when we tell them everything that goes on in our relationships. Most are victims of this. 

A relationship whereby the decisions made aren't made within the spouse then to crumble; for sharing every detail to someone else exposes the two committed to each other. Misunderstandings are meant to be resolved within without someone else knowing about it. 

Just like the case of Anuoluwa and her best friend Tinuke. They've been friends for over 20years; their relationship was one of a kind for it seemed nothing could come between them; they shared everything they had, went to the same college, shared their clothes they were so close people though they were sisters. Anu being the gentle type and Tinuke outspoken. When ever Tinuke had issues with her lover, the first person she tells is her best friend Anu; who then advices her. It continued like this for years until finally Tinu and her lover separated...months later the truth unfolded; Anu was pregnant for Tinu's ex-lover; it was surprising and very overwhelming for Tinu her best friend pregnant for her ex...how did this happen? Cutting the long story short; Anu has always been jealous of her friend Tinu and wanted her(Tinu) lover for herself, it was a hidden agenda which was planned perfectly. When ever Tinu and her lover had issues, Anu was always there to compel and advice her friend but the advice she gave was to end the relationship but Tinuke didn't know this for she trusted the council of her best friend...

Tinu was betrayed by her closest friend whom she trusted soo much...but whose fault is it? 

What I'm saying is we should always try not to expose our relationship when ever they are challenges; there's no perfect relationship but we can make it work by sitting down with our spouse and talking about the issues; not by seeking the council of friends or family for they might give a good advice. Anuoluwa was the "THIRD WHEEL" in Tinuke's relationship and it broke them apart. 

Endeavour to resolve issues within you and your spouse and if it's to no avail it's best you meet a therapist.

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