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The Ten Commandments of lasting Marriages

By eotwilliam • 7 months ago • 24358 • 9103
The Ten Commandments of lasting Marriages

The Ten Commandments of Lasting Marriages

Commandment #1
Build your home and marriage on the Christ model of marriage, remember Christ's bride is the church .
It must begin and end in Him.................

Commandment #2.
Love your spouse more when they don't deserve it!
As humans with behavioural differences , times come when we are not lovable, when in essence do not truly deserve to be loved but that's where friendship stops and love begins ,
Love is not only tested and measured when everything is rossy but the going gets tough : love means forever admiration and care. Your spouse needs your love the most when they least deserve it............

Commandment #3.
Let no one come between you and your spouse .
Your marriage should have three circle one at the centre and two on the sides , God at the centre and the couple on the sides, let all communication , suggestions be directed to Him and not a third party ,
Third parties sometimes may listen and show concern but matter of factly, 70% of them are happy that you have the problem. Your spouse is your best friend and Christ is your guide , let Him lead you all the way through thick and thin...

Commandment #4.
Don't take your ego along with you.....
Take everything you've learned and owned but drop your ego' in your father's house before joining your spouse .
Leave that feeling of being too big or being better than everyone behind , face the reality with your spouse, you are in this together to help each other and the truth be told , There are better moments and bitter moments , oftentimes bitter because you feel insulted by remaining in the union , not being able to revenge , arrest or return the insult ....... Remember , until you learn to see your spouse and yourself as a work in progress you won't stop over-rating yourself and under-valuing your spouse.

Commandment #5
Disagree Agreeably : it is a fact that no two people can live together without finding something to disagree on , but when you do especially in relationships and marriage , Resolve to talk together about it and the way forward , don't hold on to your side and neither should you discount your spouse's opinion , rather discuss the matter neutrally together and reach a common point .

Commandment #6
Don't go to bed angry.
The devil has no other strategy for breaking homes than to instigate quarrels between the two and no one will be willing to take the blame or apologize . when such times come , remember your marriage vow and allow peace reign and oftentimes , Marriage is the place where accepting blame for an offence you didn't commit works fine .
Protect Your marriage , keep your home ...

Commandment #7
Your Spouse is Your Best Friend
Your Husband/Wife is the most important personality in your life so treat them as such.
Trouble often stems from treating our spouses like our friends , your spouse deserves that honour of being treated as your best friend ...... Remember your spouse chose you above several persons , so treat them well...

Commandment #8
Don't Neglect Your Home!
Oftentimes in marriage this simple fact brings great problems, we get carried away with everything we are engaged in especially we the servants of God , we are always on the mission field forgetting that the greatest and most powerful mission is to build Your Home.

Your Home is your Primary Ministry , if you neglect it , you can't succeed working for God , never abandon your home while you claim to be working for God...... Your family needs you remember Eli's Prophetic Ministry was truncated because of his failed Home Ministry.
You'll not fail in Jesus Name .

Commandment #9
Always Remember Your Family Needs You
In your daily assignment and tasks always remember that your family needs you around
Your money and or gifts can make them smile but your presence adds more flavour to the equation
The greatest gift any man it woman can give their family is their presence and attention ......

Commandment #10
Keep the Rest Nine Commandments........
Having explored the nine vital commandments of lasting relationships , the most important part of the rule is to remember and practice it all daily like the words of Joshua 1:8
Read the rules everyday and apply them in your homes , marriages and relationships

All thanks to God for the completion of this series , I'm sure you and yours have been immensely blessed by this great piece .........


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