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Harry S.  Truman said, "Not all readers are leaders but all leaders are readers." Bill Gates of Microsoft fame, was described as "a voracious reader" and Guy Kawasaki, the American marketing specialist, author and evangelist, was said to 'adore' books and read voraciously. Reading enables us to learn from the experiences of unlimited number of successful leaders. Reading good books elevates us from our current situation, puts us on higher pedestal and allows us to fellowship with great minds and achievers. 

Reading enriched our life's experiences as it enables us to build on experiences of successful people. Jeff Rose says, "Through reading, we are exposed to other people's thinking and perception of events and process that lead to being a better rounded thinker." Reading also makes us to avoid the mistakes made by others. 

Individuals who desire to excel in life must avoid junks and injurious books and magazines that will not promote godliness and moral uprightness. Good books are mentors that reveal skills and lessons that can help someone to climb quickly the ladder of success. In all your reading, read the Word of God. 

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