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The making of a good student

By stan10 • 11 months ago • 21566 • 8790
The making of a good student

Now, there are many factors that make us great scholars in different academic fields. But through research, I have discovered the secrets of being at the top of your game in academics or school work. But I will narrow my article on life on campus #universityLife. 

There re 3 types of students :

1. The committed students: Now this group of students can attend lectures for Africa. They don't dare miss lectures for any reason and they re ones u see at the front row regularly. They always lie to themselves that somehow the front row brings a step closer to academic excellence. They do all assignments and classwork but did u know that after lectures, the so called commitment spirit vanishes into thin air. So disturbing to say,  but this is the painful truth. 

2. Sacrificial students: These class of students don't joke with making sacrifices for the greater good of their education. They attend what u may call "Night class" regularly. They can forfeit any thing just to read and pass. They re mostly introverts and have no flair for the typical extra curricular activities. If u talk to them about it, they always feel that its a waste of their precious time. They re exceedingly self righteous and believe me, self righteous people re dangerous. 

3. The committed sacrificial determined students: They struggle alot and make good grades in school. They are the first class or 2nd class upper bunch. The special thing about these students is that, they study outside the classrooms and school environment. To them, learning is a continuous process and it never ends. They re ideal students and role models to all those that wanna make it in the academic sector. 

Therefore I advise all of you in the tertiary institution to be committed, determined and should be able to make hard choices because the is a bright light at the end of that tunnel. 

Have a great weekend in advance n pls.... Stay safe. 

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