The key to happiness.

By ayawanabdu • A month ago • 2010 • 607

You are truly happy only feel that all three parts of your self_image coincide. You are happy only when you feel that the way you see yourself, the way you think others see you, and the way they actually see you all seem to be consistent in a particular situation.

In life, you seek out friendships and relationship with people who make you feel comfortable with the way you see yourself and think about yourself. When you are with people who treat you as if you are valuable and important, you enjoy higher levels of self_esteem . you like and respect yourself more. You feel happy in their presence.

For example, in school you always did better and got cared about you. At work, perhaps the greatest motivation is an attitude of consideration on the part of the boss toward the employee. Whenever an employee feels that the boss cares about him as a person rather than just as an employee,he feels more valuable and performs his job better.

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