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The innocent girl

By ajiboye23 • 11 months ago • 788 • 85

A   Short    story    About    a    Single    Mother and   Her    little    gurl   Peju    Who  was   Raped   By  Neighbor   Mr   Emeka  😭 Anytime  This   Lady  went   To  her   Shop  to   Get   What   To   Bring   To   For    Her    Family    She   Always   Leave   Her   Daughter   To   His  for   Mr     To   Teach   Her  are   Home   Meanwhile    Mr   Emeka.   Is   Sucking  that   Innocent     Gurl   Giving  the   Little   Gurl   His   Dick   To    Suck later  of  the  d  gurl   started   to  sick 😷 Nd she was  rushed  to   the hospital  the  doctor  comfirm the  list  gurl  has  cancer ♋️ of  the  mouth they were  suprise  how  cum asking  the gurl so many. Question  peju. Said  mom  I remember  mr Emeka  used  to  brush. My   teeth. Wt  sumtin   the woman  wat  is  dat. The  doctor.  later.  comfirm   d gurl   drunk  too.  much   of   sperm. Pls   Let    Keep. That.  Energy.  Don’t . Leave. Your.  Children.  to. A   neighbor  it’s  very  risk  if. It’s  u. What.  Will  u  do  to  mr   Emeka 

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