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Can you eat water melon seeds? well, its easy for you to throw away water melon seeds after all you bought it because of the red pulp, they are mostly underrated by many people that do not know its benefits to the body system. water melon seeds are seeds found in the water melon fruit.it might intrest you to know that

water melon seeds is one of the most nutrient-dense varieties of seeds, it has alot of health benefit of which many people are not aware. we eat water melon by removing every single seeds in it before we eat. you may be accustomed to spitting them out as you eat, some people just opt for seedless,but believe me the nutritional value of water melon seeds may convince you otherwise.

        Here  are some important health benefits of water melon seeds.

1.it contains zinc which are essential to the immune system also neccessary for the bodys  digestive and nervous systems.

2. water melon seeds contains alot of protein, vitamins, fati acid and minerals with vitamin B complex which help prevents infections and helps support or promote cell health, growth of red blood cell.

3.water melon seeds are effective in lowering down suger level in blood thus helpful to treat diabeties. magnessium presents in the seeds regulates metabolism of carbohydrate, which directly impact blood suger level.

4.water melon seeds has antioxidants that help in reversing early skin aging. consumption of this seeds can provide your skin with an inner glow.

5.Eating of these seeds are also beneficial for cardiac function and hypertension, it ensures good functioning of the heart.

6.Water melon seeds enhance digestion, the present of magnessium in the seeds activates enzymes that help the body absorb nutrient which enables the body to break down food and digest it properly. it also help to produce and transport energy during digestion.

7.water melon seeds contains adequate amount of protein, which is helpful for your hair health.the seeds contains iron which helps to strengthen your hair and promoting your hair growth.

88. Roasted and dried water melon seeds are used for snacks, soups and sauces, however one precaution may be taken that the roasted seeds should be chewed properly in order to absorb its nutrient in a better way.


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