The duty of a man in the church

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The duty of a man in the church

As a man symbolises the pillar that holds his family, so also is he in the Church of God. Sincerely speaking, dedication and the unbeatable needed in today's church. Is holiness,dedication and the unbeatable power of God will be manifested in the church as of old,the men ought to take up their responsibilities, the gospel is sustained till today because great men of vision brought it to us.                                  

     THEduties of a man in the church are so many but these are few of them.

(1) he must repent of his sins and turn to God through faith in Jesus Christ.it is then all other duties can be carried out easily and successfully because you cannot give what you don't have to other people.

(2)he should be regular and punctual in all the church programs with his household and take all church programs very serious.

(3) you are a man and the backbone of the church must take church matters very serious you must not joke with the church or the things of church.

(4) he must be committed to any area or department they appoint him to lead and pursue the spiritual revolution of the people he is leading. This is the word of God

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