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The Death Of Christ

By abrah • 7 months ago • 22599 • 8756
The Death Of Christ

Hello everyone, have you ever thought of the essence and meaning of the Death of Christ?

This originated from the fall of man in the garden of Eden, when man fell in to sin. The consequences of the fall of man made God to send Adam and Eve out of the glorious garden. Since then, there have been a separation between God and man.

How will God recreate the relationship between Himself and man? How will God put the sacrifices of fowls and animals to an end? These and many more were the questions pondering in the mind of God.

The answer to this made God to request for a man that will come and die for the world and use him as permanent sacrifice and his blood will be shed and through it all the sins of men will be permanently forgiven.

In heaven, it was a silent moment as everyone was not ready to answer this painful and tragedic call. But at a time, a man appeared to God and said " father, here I am, send me". This man was seen to be the only son of God, He was the word used during the creation of the Earth, also a member in the company of the Trinity. 

He knew what man had lost during his fall and wishes to stand as the ladder to fill the gap between God and man.

Come to think of it, if this man has not come to fulfil this assignment, the simple meaning is that all man will have there portion in hell.

But, this man came,  His birth was miraculous, He was named JESUS. And after he grew up, He took up the mission of His coming fully at the age of thirty. And when the time came for Him to die, he was arrested beaten, splitted unto, tore His cloth, made Him naked and was wiped. 

He was nailed on the cross, and since then, the emblem of the cross signifies the suffering of Christ.

The essence of His death was now known during his resurrection, given way for everyone to have access to God directly, once we all believe in Him.

But,as it written in the book of John 3 vs 35 , if there is anyone that does not believe in the death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the wroth of God is upon him.

Please, accept Jesus today.

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