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The benefits of guava that you may not know

By shoogaotb • 10 months ago • 18222 • 7561

- *Body haptic sensation caused by Allergy*

For haptic sensation caused by allergies, apply crushed guava leaves onto the affected areas.

- *Insect bites*

Apply crushed guava leaves on the affected areas.

- *Hair treatment*

Guava leaves will extremely facilitate against hair loss.

Crushing the leaves and rubbing on the scalp often or gently massage your scalp with focused tea from cooked leaves can stop hair loss and promote hair growth.

- *Typhoid and protozoal infection fever*

Guava leaves tea is extremely useful within the treatment of typhoid fever and protozoal infection fevers.

- *Weight loss*

Guava leaves contain quercetin that inhibits the formation of fat cells and Catechin that has fats burning effects within the body.

Guava leaf tea stops carbohydrates from turning into sugar and so suppresses appetency. this can successively assist you to scale back weight.

- *Stomach upset and constipation*

Guava leaf tea is exceptionally smart for many abdominal infections owing to it's medicament properties.

- *Stomach ulcer*

Guava leaf contains fuel extract that is composed by oil, flavonoid and glucoside that works against abdomen ulcers, and conjointly promote healing result.

- *Food poisoning*

Guava leaves conjointly provides an excellent facilitate. Chew contemporary young leaves or take teas of the leaves

- *Diarrhea and Dysentery*

chew a number of (about three) younger leaves. Teas from the leaves are terribly effective due to its the robust antimicrobial properties.

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