The Beauty of Learning a Foreign Language

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Learning a language is difficult to some not to talk of a language that is not your mother tongue, this can be a heck of a challenge. Ranging from pronunciation, verbs, sentence structure, vocabularies to idiomatic expression. These are some of the vital elements anyone aiming to learn a foreign language must consider.

But the thing is that it is very achievable. If you are determined, you can learn a foreign language within weeks. When I say weeks, I don't mean you will learn or speak fluently but you can begin to make some expressions like introducing yourself, normal routine greetings and activities. In order to learn a language, there are things you must put into consideration.

*What is Your Drive?

In order to learn a new language, you must have a drive. The drive is what keeps you going even when the going gets tough.

*How Determined are You?

Determination is key. It is your determination that dictates how long you are willing to stay tuned irrespective of the challenges.

- Bilingualism/Multilingualism gives you and edge over a monolingual person. Job wise, you are considered first, well respected and furthermore well paid.

-It gives you a sense of belonging. And makes you feel at home when you are in the midst of those, whose language you have learnt.

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