Ten Businesses to do as a university student in Nigeria

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Alot of students have had sleepless nights thinking on business to do in school to help themselves. 

I will be listing 10 good business to do while in school to help yourself. 

1. TUTORIALS: are you intelligent or do you think you can teach very well, then this is a great opportunity to earn, you can start up a tutorial and collect little token from your fellow student to teach them. 

2. SALES OF TEXTBOOKS, Notes, PAST QUESTION PAPERS AND MATERIALS: you can buy materials dropped by a Lecturers, past question papers and notes then photocopy then in large quantities and sell to other student, while you can get textbooks from old students or your course mates then sell to new coming student and this go a long way to help you. 


4. ONLINE AFFILIATE BUSINESS: you can register with an affiliate program just like LPV FORUM then at your free time, you do the required activities, then refer your course mates and friends, in this you make cool cash.


6. HAIR DRESSING: a lot of us learnt hair dressing before gaining admission, now is the best time to earn some living out of it, you don't necessarily need a saloon to run this, all you need to do is create awareness that you can do it and start even at your hostel. 

7. START UP COMEDY: if you are talented in making people laugh then you are good to go, you can make it social and your services will be needed in events where you get paid, you can decide to become an M.C it will really help 

8. ONLINE SALES AGENT: everyday students needs stuffs like cloths, phones and others, you can register with any online platforms that sell things as their agent and you get some amount of money on each good delivered. 

9. ARTWORKS: are you good at drawing this is another good opportunity, you can showcase your talent and help fellow student to design their pictures in pencil and get paid. 

10. SCHOOL POLITICS: this is another means of survival in school if you love politics, you can go on to be famous in school then contest for positions like class reps, departmental and faculty positions, you get paid on carrying out your work. 

There are many more to do as a student and earn some living, I hope this help. 




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