Tease your brain with these questions

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It is important we tease our brains sometimes, below is what we make your brain to be confused. I bet you will think and think and think....


A house wife forgot her atm pin. Which is four digit number, but luckily she remembered some hints on how to recall the pin. Here are some of the clues:

The first digit is half of the 2nd 

The sum of 2nd and 3rd is 10 

The 4th is equal to the 2nd plus 1 

The sum of all the digit is 23. 

What is the atm pin ????

Oya let's go


2)Choristers are known to be smart.

Rack your brain here....

Let me see how critical choristers can think!!!

Some choristers were going to choir practice and met one chorister on their way. The one chorister greeted them; hello hundred! They said we are not hundred, we need half of us plus you to make us hundred.

Question: How many choristers were going to choir practice?

Let's get it cracking


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