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Dear subscriber,

Moments like this are bound to come in the life of enterprises like ours, a moment of incredible downtime, a break point moment where further stretching would yield fracture, a break or mar moment which has sent sent many enterprises off their feet. We found ourselves in this agonizing moment no thanks to the temporal dip being experienced in the crypto currency space. It is no longer news that over 90 percent of our investment profile are domiciled in the crypto currency market.

It saddens the management to announce to the public that following the downtime in the Cryptocurrency market which happens to be our lion investment, we have been forced to go on an emergency pause, this pause will last for 7 working days starting from today 19th May 2021.

Our failure to take an  action like this will result in us running a Ponzi scheme, meaning we won't be generating any actual profits but instead relying on new investors to pay old ones, we will never do that.

During the pause activities will be on hold, no new sign ups, no earnings and no withdrawal will be made during this time.

We regret any inconvenience this might have caused.


Signed mgt.

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