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Suya is actually the most popular Hausa snack. It is generally made by grilling spiced meat over red-hot coal in Nigeria, but you can get the same result if you have a simple griller or oven with grill compartment.

Suya is actually easy to make, as long as you can lay your hands on the spice and any meat of your choice. Usually, it is made with beef but in recent times I have seen chicken suya and even that from bush meat.

Here is what it really looks like. I made this some days back in my kitchen. As I said, it is really easy; as long as you can find the neccesary ingredients.


Ingredients For Nigerian Beef Suya

  • Beef (1KG)
  • Suya Spice
  • 2 cubes of knorr
  • Salt to Taste
  • Ground dried pepper (optional)
  • Suya sticks (optional)
  • vegetable oil (100ml)
  • Griller

It is actually possible to mix your own suya spice but it is not necessary if you live in Nigeria. If you don’t live in Nigeria you can still purchase the spice from most online shops. If you get the main spice, you can be sure to make the exact kind of beef suya that you love.
Suya spice


Wash the beef properly and slice into thin fillets, you can easily do this with a kitchen knife. You can see the picture below. If you are using chicken, you just need to apply the spices on the chicken, you don’t need to slice into fillet as is the case with beef.

Transfer 5 spoons of the suya (spice) in a clean dry plate and add 2 cubes of knorr plus half teaspoon of salt to it, mix them properly together and set aside. You will need to taste to acertain that it actually taste like what you get from the mallam.

Stake the beef on the sticks and sprinkle the mixed spice all around it, sprinkle evenly on both sides and commence with the grilling part.

Use a kitchen brush to rob the vegetable oil on the beef before grilling; this actually helps the grilling process.
Apply more of the spices.

Grill your suya using the local or electric griller. You can also use your kitchen oven if it have griling compartment. I used my kitchen oven
Grilling Suya

You have to turn every ten minutes while it grills, after twenty minutes, you will need to apply more of the spices/vegetable oil again. Grill for another 20 minutes and you just made suya!

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