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Successful business owners

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Successful business owners

Successful business owners 

Know what you are selling.

Study it; know it without reading the labels; be a professional talker even if it means you lying 🤥 about how good your products are but make sure it is worth the quality.

Know how to package 📦 your mouth and your looks. The truth there is that women have have 75% charm when it comes to  business especially when it comes to a unis3x products like wise men so know your packaging charm.

Be a bitch or Mitch to sale if it’s worth it. Don’t be so big (pride) over your sales lose yourself mami and embrace your true nature. 

Story: my jewelry guy flirts with me just for me to buy his jewelries. Well at least the ni66ah try move me tho. 

So just loosen up jor and make them happy las las na there money 💰 way Dey your mind like wise them.

Own your products: present it like it’s your company even tho it is not your branded products

Don’t sale what you don’t have: the is called theft and stupidity to the highest other. I will arrest you personally. Stupid.

Be your self: if it’s discount time give discounts if it’s not don’t lie for a sales. Don’t be like jumia and konga please. 

Femi and mike I was referring to my twins😁

Make so much samples touch them and feel them in videos, pictures etc

Go out for sales in busy places; just note that you cannot sale in your houses and social media only do 50% while you do the rest.

Be creative in your sales 

Never run out of products always restock

This is very important know the seasons of your products: meaning know when the market crave for your products and be ready to deliver 

Know how to manage your customers they are the real MVPs. Trust me. Appreciate them. 

I love all my customers God bless you all richly 🙏🏿

Improve in the quality of your products don’t go for random once go for unique qualities and a great watering taste.

Don’t stop talking about your business products and customers even tho you didn’t make sales that day.

Push your products through marketing (filers) if you are on social media flood your timeline it’s your data that you are using not there’s if they don’t like it they can unfollow. 

Be politely rude (bossy) except you did start it with your money then you can be giving out

Always be focused 

God bless LPV 

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