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Success in Marketing - 2

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Success in Marketing - 2


Marketing is changing at a rapid pace thanks to dynamics like the internet and the changing customer behavior. That means that marketers have to learn faster than ever. Something as simple as learning has become an essential marketing skill. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of information available online that can help marketers learn about new marketing trends. Many of the world’s best marketers are actively blogging and tweeting the latest data and information. LinkedIn is another powerful tool for acquiring marketing knowledge . Examples of topics to learn about now include social media, content marketing, big data, and mobile marketing. My co-founder, Craig Rosenberg, puts the importance of continuous learning this way, “Self-educate as much as you can. The marketing you learn in school or in books is much different than how marketing actually works. You should read blogs, white papers, attend webinars, go to online and offline training… Even CMO’s spend a lot of time self-educating on marketing. You can never know enough.”


Marketers now have access to a tremendous amount of data. As a result, companies are able to understand their customers much better than before. Marketers who learn how to collect and analyze customer data in an effort to make better decisions will be in extremely high demand for decades to come. Whether this data is used to simply understand the market or to create and optimize more effective marketing campaigns, most employers are looking for people who are adept at using data. A background in statistics, deep knowledge of excel, and an understanding of analytics tools are useful skills in this area. And don’t forget that some of the valuable customer data comes in the form of one-on-one conversations with customers.


Gartner predicts that by 2017 marketing will spend more on technology than the information technology group itself. That means that marketers who are proficient with common marketing applications and systems will thrive. This doesn’t mean that you have to be an engineer to succeed, but you do need to be able to use many of these applications as a business user. Commonly used marketing technologies include CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, marketing analytics, and a plethora of emerging, online marketing technologies.


Successful marketers use schedules and project plans to ensure that they complete their work in a timely fashion. Most of the work in a marketing organization is deadline-driven. For example, marketing campaigns have launch dates that everyone working on the campaign focuses on. Good marketers work backwards from the launch date and develop a schedule that governs the work they do. They also treat those launch dates like scripture, doing everything they can to make sure they launch on time.


Many marketers underestimate the importance of writing, but copywriting is one of the most important skills that a marketer can have. It’s the foundation of almost every marketing campaign. From ad copy, to emails, to landing pages, copywriting is a relatively basic skill that can have an outsized impact on conversion rates. It also happens to be the foundation of the enormous amount of internal communication that marketers must manage inside of their company.


Finally, marketing has evolved into a field where marketers must deliver results. Whether it’s a lift in brand awareness, generating a certain number of qualified leads, or delivering revenue, marketing is now on the hook to perform. Successful marketers focus on delivering results that share three characteristics. First, the results they deliver can be easily identified and understood by the business. Second, they deliver results that have an impact on the business, usually on the revenue side of things. Third, they deliver these results on a monthly basis.

These are marketing skills outlined by Scott Albro. The CEO and founder of TOPO. I wish you all marketers out there success.

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