Stress is as dangerous as Covid-19

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Stress is part of our day to day activities ,so it is important to know how to manage stress. Stress if not managed is as dangerous as covid-19 virus. Though we may not be aware of it that stress virus is found everywhere. To overcome stress take the following steps:

1.Find time to relax:Relaxation is not laziness as some may think,even God rested on the seventh day after work of creation. Relax by listening to good music,read books, go to cinema,do sports, take nap,make relaxation part of life

2.Seek support socially: Man is created as social being, don't stay along in stress. Spend time with loved one like family members, godly groups,good friends,counsellor for counselling

3.Take proper nutrition:The food you take has influence on your stress level. Don't indulge in eating and drinking that will add to your stress level.Take nourishing food and health diet that calm tension and stress

4.Do regular exercise: Don't be too busy for body exercise,it is good for the body and the mind to relax your muscles and the brain.If you have no time for exercise you will have time for visiting doctors when stress break you down.

5.Let go what you have no power to control: There some situations you have power to control like :the cloth to wear,the food to eat,the friend to move with.You have no power over what others think about you,what peoples say about you,the country economy etc.So don't stress yourself on what you cannot control

6.Stay in you comfort zones:What are those things you like doing that make you happy and relax,those people you stay with that give you comfort, the job that give you time to relax continue with such and you will not be stressed.

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