Story of the dreaded cat and the rats village

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Story of the dreaded cat and the rats village

Once upon a time, there was a village filled with rats in which they all lived happily with the rats leader as the head of the village. But there was one problem they've all been dealing with.... The dreaded cat called "Mecavity", mecavity was their only problem and a big one at that.

He comes once in a while in the night taking of their own eating them one by one. 

One day the village head called a meeting and asked all the rats their opinion on how best to deal with mecavity, the rats started dishing out their opinions and grievances, then one rat said maybe we should put a collar on him, one with a bell so that we'll know the bell will be ringing anytime he is coming and be prepared or run for safety.

Then the village head said wow, what a wonderful idea, but the problem is who are we going to choose to put the collar on the dreaded cat.

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