Stop Saying "I saw Your Miss Calls" is Wrong. See the Correct Sentence

By funai2000 • 7 months ago • 6484 • 2478

It is very common in Nigeria hearing people saying "I saw your miss calls" when someone called them and they miss that call, maybe they are not with their phone and they went outside to do something.

English is not our language but it is a Language of rule that we need to understand If we want to be speaking good English. Although It is not easy to understand all the rule of any language but let keep try to study about these rules since English is our general Language in Nigeria.

Let see what is wrong in using the sentence "I saw your miss calls"

The word "Your" in this sentence is wrong. Who miss the call? You or the person that call you. It was you that Miss the calls.

So the correct sentence is "I SAW MY MISS CALL, AND I NOTICED IT WAS YOU".


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