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Stop cooking beans with this ingredients it destroys your liver

By progress443 • 5 months ago • 12234 • 985

Beans is a leguminous crop quite rich in protein. It is a very healthy source of protein and medically advisable over animal proteins like beef etc.

However, beans are of several species. As their species varies so do their texture and heat withstanding capacity. Hence, some species tend to get done quicker than some. 

We live in a generation where everyone wants to accomplish his task very fast including cooking. As a result of that, most people would not want to exercise patience for such foods to get done through the normal process and they prefer to improvise by adding one substance or another to make its boiling time shorter. People also embrace this concept in a bid to save cooking fuel.

Substances like potash (akanwu) are usually added to hasten readiness of such foods.

Breadfruit and some meats are also prepared this way.

Well, this article is about to clarify you on the dangers embedded in such a quick fix behavior people portray.

Let me start with a brief introduction of the liver is all about.

The liver is the largest organ in the body. It is responsible for food detoxification & metabolism, storage of glucose, fats emulsification etc.

From the above definition, one could deduce that any substance that enters the mouth surely passes through the liver for detoxification, metabolism etc.

Substances like potash are known for their ability to produce harmful substances when exposed to heat and these harmful substances they produce get deposited in the food we cook them with which in turn pass through our liver once we ingest them.

They slowly damage the liver and if ignored, at a point it gets severe so that the liver completely loses it potency. This is a medical condition known as Liver failure.

Instead of risking your vital organ by cooking with this harmful substance, you may replace it with onion as it is healthier and hastens readiness of foods as well.

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