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Sterling qualities of a loving husband

By samo70 • 10 months ago • 4938 • 1200

They are distinguishing qualities that mark anyone out as a loving husband these qualities are usually so irresistible and compelling that your spouse Can't Help But fall head over heels in love with you again and again. 

1). God fearing: a truly loving husband is godly he has a blossoming relationship with God through genuine repentance from sin and faith in God having been born of God his whole body being is regulated by his word and spirit. He obeys the Commandments of God and teaches his family same. Relate with his wife in the fear of God. That will be in place is God first place in his life then his wife and children as the spiritual head of the home.

2). Love and caring: love and care are two defining words of a loving husband because they demonstrate what he feels for his wife. They are like the two sides of the same coin you can't claim to love your wife when you don't care about her and how can you truly care for her if you don't love her genuinely. A loving husband loves his wife unconditionally selflessly and sacrificially.

3). Protective: this is 10 negotiable quality of a loving husband and makes his wife feel safe and secure with him whether he's around her or far away husbands with this quality see their wives as sheep to be Shepherded at all cost to by them, not someone else. They protect their wife from extended family members, colleagues neighbours and friends who may want to take advantage of them deliberately or otherwise.

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