Stay–home Order Continues As Police Arrested Inspector

By ezzynex33 • 10 months ago • 20191 • 6696

Amidst the ongoing stay at home order in Lagos State, Abuja and Osun state, the Police officers in Lagos arrested an inspector of police on Wednesday over outright violation of the order.

It was gathered that the Inspector of police was cruising in his private car despite not being on duty and was arrested by men of the Lagos state task force. This is commendable. More than any other time, the principle of equality of the law should take a toll on everyone regardless of socioeconomic or political status.

Bearing in mind that the ultimate goal of stay at home order is to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus epidemic, the taskforce should ensure that strict adherence to the directive is achieved in order to prevent the escalation of the virus.

However, Should the Inspector Be Punished? 

While the spokesman of the Lagos state police force, Bala Elkana, did not disclose the identity of the Inspector, it is imperative to state that law must take its full weight on the Inspector in order to serve as a deterrent for others. 

In view of the above, proper punishment should be meted on him in order for Lagosians and other citizens to prioritize the strict adherence to the rules and regulations. Worthy of note, however, is the need to fast track the provision and distribution of relief materials to the people so as to forestall the outbreak of hunger that may prompt the people to come out en mass.

It is obvious that the Lagos State government and the Federal Government have started doling out some palliative measures, but this should be extended to all and sundry in this trying time.  

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