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Speck out ( the power of silence)

By adeniyi20 • 7 months ago • 1151 • 276

Let's begin life is loud chaotic and distracting it's filled to the brim with demanding mental and physical challenges you're swept up in a tidal wave of stress but successful people separate themselves from the noise and chaos, successful people understand the power of silence so here are seven ways that silence can change your life for the better.

Number one, thoughtful silence a moment of silence is a moment of thoughts well let's say your co-worker asks you for a favor they want you to drive all the way across town and deliver some documents they forgot to send when confronted with this question you may have a knee-jerk reaction and without thinking you might say sure no problem, but 10 seconds later you realize it is a problem. Suddenly you're pressed for time and overwhelmed by stress all because you answered without thinking a few seconds of silence can spare you from, these stressful scenarios instead of answering right away what if you took a moment to think about your schedule you, remember how much work you already have you tell your co-worker that you're too busy so they ask someone else instead and just like that a brief period of silence keeps your priorities, straight and your schedule clean that's why successful people pause whenever they need to they view silence as an opportunity to consider their options because every decision is worth a few moments of thought, now of course not everyone can silently analyze their problems you may feel so awkward that you can barely think straight before you're able to use these pauses constructively you have to overcome your fear of silence that's why many of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world are also the quietest number two persevering integrity a brief pause does more than simply give you time to think when you pause for a second a minute or an hour your decision becomes more careful and more decisive instead of doubting and second-guessing, yourself you know that you did your due diligence you weighed the pros and cons and you double-checked your schedule now with all your boxes checked you can move forward unimpeded whether you answer yes or no your decision is now clear and firm as you become more decisive, you'll notice a change in the way people treat you they'll start respecting your decisions and valuing your choices why? Is that well because, decisive people mean what they say for example they consistently fulfill their promises so instead of saying yes to everything they only say yes to the commitments they intend to keep people will respect you more because they trust you more when people trust you to follow through your word carries more weight that newfound sense of dependability works wonders in any relationship personal or professional your friends and partners will genuinely believe in the promises you make your bosses and co-workers will have faith in your ability to succeed something as simple as silence can strengthen your relationships and earn you the respect you deserve number three direct and concise talking a lot and saying a lot mean very different things have you met someone who rambles for 15 minutes without really saying anything many people feel compelled to talk constantly silence makes them nervous so they fill every blank space with gibberish and small talk.

The problem is when they're constantly talking, they're rarely thinking they say very little even if their word count flies through the roof some people talk too much and say too much have you ever heard the term fast talker a fast talker is someone who tries to trick you by burying you under a mountain of ideas, and incentives by the end you barely understand what's going on often times they do this on purpose to push their agenda salesmen for example confuse customers with a flood of information many people imitate fast talkers by accident they talk and they talk because they don't know when enough is enough they don't realize how little sense they're making successful people on the other hand talk a little but say a lot in other words they're always direct and they're always concise when a successful person needs something they present their needs in a way that's simple and easy, understand they don't dance around the point they don't hide their agenda under a flood of extraneous ideas they say what they need to say then they stop this is one big reason why successful people seem quiet they're experts at shaving their needs down to the bare essentials if two ideas can be explained with one idea they always go short and sweet.

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