Sincere gratitude

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Sincere gratitude

It is said that when you appreciate good things, good things shall surely come to you. On this note, I want to sincerely and wholeheartedly thank the founder of this FORUM, MR  ADEOTI ABAYOMI for working tirelessly to put smile on peoples faces. Some of us started with small from the beginning but where we are today is something to be grateful for.

To your crew who are also there to assist everytime you call then, I say a very big thank you.

Even though we don't say it out here on how wonderful you have been all this year's, in our various residents, we are extremely Happy and we are full of gratitude.

Let me tell you a story about the founder of this wonderful forum.

Mr ADEOTI is an entrepreneur, a writer, and a blogger with a heart of gold, he is a man of impeccable character. He has alot of goals and aspirations which he is fulfilling gradually. He is a man with the fear of God, he is an extraordinary creature. He has achieved alot and still achieving, amongst his tremendous achievements are; creation of LPVFORUM, LPVFORA, MASTER YOUR WAY, and many others.


He is cheerful

He has the spirit to serve

He is wonderful being and down to earth 

He has the spirit to give that's why he never lacks.

He is humble

He is always curious to know more.


He loves writing

He loves reading

He Is also a travelogue.

Amongst all these , this Is what I have learnt from this noble man.




Patient they say is virtue, I can boldly tell you that Mr Adeoti is that patient man. From My encounter with him, this is what I have admired in him. What am I trying to say? In life, always be patient in all you do. The things you do might not yield fruit immediately,but when you commit it in the hands of God and wait. Believe you me, you will get it.

Determination: I also learnt from this noble man that when you are determined to do any particular thing, you will make it in life.

Let me take you back to June 21st 2020 when this site was hacked, Mr Adeoti didn't give up, he fought so hard, he negotiated with the hackers and when it seems it is getting tough, he still persisted that this forum is never going down. Cos he made God first in his life, God fought for him and he became victorious and a conqueror. You can see it for yourself where we are now cos of this single act of determination. I so much admire him for that.

Commitment: This is the best part of what I learnt from this noble man. In life,that particular thing you want to achieve in life, don't just sit at home and procrastinate about it that "I want it to be like this,I want it to be like that". You have to make some sacrifices, some commitment to make it work.

In nutshell whatever you are doing and anywhere you see yourself in this life, do good and be good so good things will come to you. Appreciate good things as well.

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In one word, describe our able CEO or rather say something you have learnt so far from him either when you spoke face to face with him, through phone call,text messages or other wise.

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