Signs in the body that Reveal that you are unhealthy

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Signs in the body that Reveal that you are unhealthy

All the things in your body works collectively with the sole aim of keeping you healthy and functioning. So if you notice a sudden change in your body, it may be because your body is trying to tell you something.

They can act as warning signs, so you should seek treatment as soon as possible.

The signs are :


Cracked and dry lips can be caused by vitamin deficiency and dehydration. However, if you have cracked lips for a very long time without any improvement, you might have a fungal infection.


Our eye whites should always be white so anything else is probably a sign of some kind of underlying health issue. Red eyes can be caused by insomnia, a bad cold or some kind of eye infection.


Weak and brittle nails are a sign of malnutrition. Other changes can be caused by serious health problems. Fingernails can tell a lot about somebody’s health. Changes in shape, nail color  or even texture can indicate many different health issues.

Thanks for reading, you can share other common changes you know or have experienced on the comment section 

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