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She Lost Her Husband 4- Years After Their Marriage, See The Condition Of Regina And Her Kids

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Regina Chinedu Chuwku popularly referred to as Regina Chuwku may be a Nigerian actress and movie producer born on the 23rd March 1980. Regina is currently 40 years aged. She has been within the industry for quite some years now. Regina Chinedu was born and raised in Lagos State but originally hail from Enugu state. She had both her primary and lyceum education beat Lagos and also as obtaining its respective certificates. Having completed both education, she then furthers to Lagos State Polytechnic where she studies Business Administration. The Yoruba born actress is very talented, extremely beautiful, and may handle her role perfectly well. She has carved a distinct segment for herself in most yoruba movies despite hers from an Igbo tribe. After she dumped her first career as, a make- up artist she then made up her mind to hitch the Yoruba show business. As a replacement Actress, she was featured during a bit part before she finally got promoted into a supporting role. Her first movie is Ogunsho followed by Idaho which she did exceptionally well.


Ever since Regina came to the limelight, she has been featured in numerous Yoruba movies. Actress Regina are often best fitted into any role given to her. She' s currently considered one among the simplest, most favorite, and sought actress after actresses within the Yoruba show business. The talented born actress is most seen in Yoruba movies and sometimes in English speaking Nigerian movies. She has acted in movies like " Akun" , " Awolu at Awalu" , " Ewatomi" , " Idaho" , " Ogunso" , and lots of others. As a result of Regina' s unique talent and creativity, she has been nominated several times and also as different awards. She ranked among the topmost influential actress, beautiful and talented actress within the film industry. She' s the ambassador for Unique slimming tea and therefore the CEO of Triple R production. Regina was married before she lost her husband 4 years into the wedding. She' s one mother of two children; a son, Richard, and a daughter, Chiamaka.

It' s been 13yrs+ since i used to be left to cater for all of them along, it' s been 13yrs since death gave me a ' title' I never bargained for, 13yrs since I lost a lover, a brother, a companion, a husband, and therefore the father of my kids. 13yrs of struggling to seek out my place during a world that' s filled with obstacles and hardship.

God bless my mum #mamaChi# and grant her long life, my dad and siblings? They need been a robust backbone for me? ? Sometimes like this when depression is close to eat me up, I reminisce at how far I even have come and that I burst into tears then address God for forgiveness cos I' m being ungrateful, there are numerous things to be grateful for, so I just want to say many thanks.


She has been the one taking care of the youngsters, with none financial assistance every any. She didn' t go begging on the road. God indeed has been faithful to Regina and her children. God will never disappoint his children. Actress Regina may be a devoted Christian. The actress and her children are looking beautiful, upright, and healthy.

Thanks for some time.

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