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Seven types of family and their unique identity. (Check where you belong)

By shobah • 5 months ago • 4886 • 246

In Nigeria, there are lots of families, and each differs in terms of background and identity.

Which one is your family, and how good or bad is your family contributing to society?

The daily activities in families account for the kind of behavior being exhibited by children in the society, which becomes the pedal at which we ride each community's wheels.

 The seven types of family include:

1. Formal and strict families: This kind of families are always time conscious, they train their child to be mean, and in their thinking, they are better than every other family in the neighborhood.

They barely accept gifts, and when they do, they instruct their children not to make use of such facilities.

They are well educated and less socialized.

If they have tap water, they hardly leave a tap outside the building for public use, and despite that, they have the time they open and lock it. And if you need water, you need to ask for keys on several occasions, and if care is not taken, you will be said to be disturbing their peace. Children in this family are highly tasked and don't know how to relate with friends and families, less loving, and once they get an opportunity of going out of the family imposed bondage, they misbehave.

2. Friendly families: They are always respectful and kind. If their children are into a fight with other children in the neighborhood, they blame their children first and make peace with them later.

They always want to be sure that everyone is satisfied with their conduct, and if, by mistake, things go wrong, they take all their family members to ask for forgiveness. During festive seasons, they always call on neighbors to help with the cooking and will ask their children to give food to those who are unable to come. This kind of family produces loving and caring children.

3. The pretenders: These families are well to do on the outside, but on the inside, they are going through hell.

They always ask other people's children about their studies and sometimes even ask if they come first or second in class.

They will always scold other people's children for doing wrong and will make good examples with their children.

When a visitor is around, they borrow money to make good food for the visitor so that when next they visit such person, and he couldn't meet up with such treatment; they will mock him. Children in this family are gradually learning how to treat their friends in school and how to maneuver them too.

4. Too busy family: Every Saturday and Sunday are for partying. They are workaholic during the week and always having no or less time for their children.

Children in these families are always visiting friends because they don't want to stay lonely at home. Parents in these families are always nagging. They still want their children to do the right thing even though they are the ones who devoid them of better parenting.

They owe school fees and will always change schools if the school decides to send their children home for defaulting.

5. Broken family: Parents in this kind of family are together physically but away emotionally. The only thing keeping them together is the children. The children are always lagging in school because they are also traumatized due to their parents' emotional stress.

They find it hard to concentrate in school and are very poor in extra curriculum activities.

In this kind of family, the husband only pays for school fees to avoid embarrassment, and the wife is the only one who takes care of every other bill.

6. The single mother and father: The cause of single parenting can be as many as possible, but the major ones are a broken relationship, death, lack of patience, and peer influence. Focusing on the consequences, it could make a female child whose mother is a single mother to develop hatred for the male s3x likely and also allow the male child to be stubborn due to the kind of upbringing a man can render. Women are compassionate and are good at taking care of children compared to men. Single parenting could lead to social stigmatization, leading to an inability to focus on taking care of oneself and the children attached.

7. The blamers of Destiny: This kind of family blames destiny for virtually everything.

They prefer taking children to schools of lower standards and say, " if God says they will be well known in future, they will." They spend on material things at the expense of a good family structure. They always want their children to look like or better than every other child, but they aren't ready to sacrifice. They always make excuses for coming from a polygamous family and that their father didn't take care of them, yet they are living well.

Children in these families are either educated due to the influence of a right family in the neighborhood or an uncle or aunty influence. These children engage in street hawking or working as a sales boy or girl to gather money for forms into tertiary institutions.

If the community isn't crime-free, they might also engage in internet fraud.

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